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Respondemos a tus dudas sobre el concepto, el proceso, las estrategias y cualquier detalle sobre nuestros servicios.

  • Sell with Vox Brava - only exclusively?
    Yes, our commitment is 100% towards the effort and interest we put into each project. We understand that for a team to work, in this case you and your agent, there has to be a mutual commitment. The exclusive contract does not exclude in any case the professional collaboration with other agencies to obtain the best result for the sale of your property. But for your interests as a seller to be defended at all times, it is necessary that we have a complete vision and control over the project from the beginning until the achievement of the objective.
  • What happens if I have the house already for sale with other agencies?
    In this case, we will restart the entire sales process with our laser sales approach and for this we need to unsubscribe from the publication of the property in all previously active media (real estate agency websites, real estate portals, networks social). We prepare a new global strategy and implement it with a clear objective, sparing no resources.
  • Can I still try to sell on my own?
    Yes, you can. The possibility of doing so is foreseen, but the law specifies that the price at which you propose or publish on your own in a private way in specialized portals, social networks or other media coincides (equal or higher) with the price published by your agent, never lower the same. This will not hinder the application of the strategy proposed by Vox Brava and thereby achieve the common goal, the sale in the shortest possible time and at the best price.
  • What if I find the buyer on my own?
    It is possible that, during the sale process, and due, among other things, to the wide diffusion that is made and advanced marketing, you yourself find a potential buyer, whether or not he is a relative of yours. Under Spanish law, you have every right to carry out the sale. In this case you have 2 options: the possibility of having the professional representation of your agent, or, on the contrary, giving up the representation of your interests. In the sales mandate contract that you sign with your agent, each of the situations is detailed, specifying the duties and responsibilities of both parties.
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Los servicios que ofrecemos incluyen realizar evaluaciones personalizadas para atender tus necesidades particulares.


Consulta algunas de las preguntas más frecuentes que los clientes nos han hecho y contáctanos en caso de que alguna haya quedado sin resolver.

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